Hi. It’s Benji.

Welcome to my universe.

Get to know me

Know more about me, my personality, passions, lifestyle and values.

Impossible just takes

a little bit longer

I am an ocean lover and life adventurer. I consider myself as an authentic, honest, happy and
pretty restless person. I know who I am and what I love. I love to nurture my passions and
help others do the same so they can live the life they want.

Powered by creativity and technology, I am passionate about extreme sports, marketing and
traveling. These passions keep my inner child and the craziness that comes with him alive
which is vital to my happiness.

My family and friends are also an important part of my life (if not the most), they will always

go first.

My basics and most important values.

Be able to do, feel or pursue what makes you feel alive.

Fall in love with yourself, with your own life and help others be a little happier.

Be honest and loyal to yourself, ideas and values.

Connect with yourself, with family, friends, nature, and whatever you think is important to be
present in the moment.

Observe, listen, learn and respect everything and everyone around you. You have so much to

Be open to challenges, to learn new things and push your limits to be the best version of

Turn your passion

into your profession


I am currently part of the amazing Wild Audience family where relationships are the core of everything we do. We think they are the key to achieve whatever you want.

As the Digital Marketing Manager & Head Consultant at Wild Audience, my responsibility is
to grow the company, build relationships with our partners and customers, and teach them
how to apply our relationship approach, called Respect-Based Marketing.

We are a marketing automation and digital business specialist helping entrepreneurs,
consultants, freelancers, CEO’s and founders grow their business by building authentic
relationships with marketing automation.

We like to think we are different by always questioning the status quo and by bringing
authenticity and transparency into the marketing world.

In love with nature and our planet, we are also trying our best to reduce our environmental
impact and think of a way to use our tools to contribute to a positive change.

I have never been so proud to be part of a company that is not afraid to do things differently
and challenge the status quo. what about you?

We help CEO’s and entrepreneurs how to grow their business by building authentic relationships with marketing automation


How we do it?

Follow your stoke

Ocean Lover

I am an ocean soul and water has a very important place into my life. I feel very connected to
it and love everything about it. to be in the water as much as I can. I used to swim and now I
surf. I’m can only disconnect and feel complete when in the water.

Earth Connected

I am committed to care and protect the Earth. I can’t be everywhere so I focus on protecting
the ocean and the life that lives in it. I use my voice to engage people with the fight against
plastic and the protection of the ocean because the ocean is vital for us. I also do my best to
support companies and ngos that care about the environment and are committed to build a
better future.

Board Addict

Surfing and snowboarding are by far my two favorite sports. I am addicted to the feeling that
invades your body when adrenaline runs through your veins. The reason surfing and
snowboarding are even more special to me is because I am connected to nature and
everything flows in a very unique way.

Adventurer Heart

I really love adventures, exploring new countries, learning about different cultures and
experiencing life around the world. While I like traveling, I feel a special connection to
places and experiences where nature, and adrenaline meet.

Adventures Tier List

As ocean lover, earth connected person, board addict and adventure hearth I’ve created a list of experiencies
that I would like to do in my lifetime.

My real desire is to be able to achieve and share these specials moments with family and frieds, because nothing is worth it if you don’t have someone to celebrate it with

Adventura 1

Adventura 1

Adventura 1

If you want to contact me, you can do by clicking here.